Merwans is a tradition not just a Bakery/Confectionery business. For the past 84 years, 4 generations of the Irani family have been delivering smiles to peoples’ faces through the best cakes, pastries and cookies.

The tradition began in 1930, as a family business owned by Mr.K. M. Irani and Mrs. D. K. Irani which became popular for its freshly baked products. Mr. Merwan Irani continued his parents’ legacy and introduced the brand Merwans in 1972. His vision of taking freshly baked everyday products to every household, led him to adopting state of the art technology and innovative recipes to make Merwans a popular name in every home. Over the years, his mastery over the art of baking became second to none, and he passed his skills and knowledge to his sons.

Mr. M.K. Irani and Mrs. B.M. Irani worked closely together with passion and personal attention on every product. They brought enticing flavors and modern recipes to the brand and expanded the scope of their products.

Years later this tradition is carried on by the Irani brothers. This trio has been very prosperous in continuing the already established and popular brand, while successfully expanding the company. This notable company, now known as Merwans Confectioners Pvt. Ltd, boasts a fully equipped central kitchen with latest technology, designed to cater for the everyday bakery needs of Mumbai and Pune.

Currently the Merwans’ shop successfully caters to the bakery needs of thousands of people every single day. On special occasions, people travel from all ends of the city just to get delicious delights and Merwans’ quality specialty cakes to make their occasions memorable.

The Merwans’ establishment was built on unmatched, quality bread and cakes, yet with growth it has increased its product line each year. The three Irani brothers of Merwans; equipped with family baking secrets and traditions passed down through their grandparents and parents; now embark on their vision to make Merwans a brand beyond comparison, whilst remaining true to their traditional bakery heritage. Despite increasing sales and production, Merwans remains focused on quality and our core values.

Over the years, Merwans has always maintained a commitment not only to our products but also to the personal relationships with its customers. We acknowledge it is customers that keeps a business thriving and for this we believe wholeheartedly in customer service excellence.

We are happy that you have taken the time to look at our website and learn about our heritage, the company’s values and our unrivalled products.